Motivation-Do we really understand the concept?

motivation     What exactly motivates you?  You know we go to interviews and we provide these “rehearsed” replies to being motivated and being a people person blah blah blah…..I am asking a REAL question seeking a REAL answer  How can we truly have what we want if we can’t be honest with ourselves?  This revelation came to mind this morning as I turned to leave out of my room and caught a glimpse of my motivation board

20150611_081444-1 I created this poster board at my previous job while working with a client to overcome drug usage and plan for a positive future.  When I look at this board, it truly has the things that I want but I can’t say it “motivates” me.  This is more of a “vision” board.  These are things that I hope to achieve.  I am now going to create a true motivation board over the weekend.  I know one thing that motivates me is the desire to feel “happy”, “content”, a complete sense of “satisfaction”.  Motivation is a powerful concept and can be the reason that some people continue to strive daily for the life that they believe they deserve to have.  Would that describe you?  I’m definitely interested in feedback!!!



Review, Revise, and Repeat

Magnifying glass on the word Redefine and related terms such as revise, redo, revisit, review, reposition, rethink, reconsider, reinvent, remodel and reevaluate

Daily I often think to my self “this can’t be it”.  As in to say, this cannot be the way that my life is going to be for the rest of my life.  Common sense tells us that our lives will only change if we change it. I continuously reflect on the plans that I have for myself and wonder why I am still at a stand still (well feel like I am).  The fact remains is that I am still operating on a life plan developed a while ago.  Time changes, we change, so why not change the plan.  As logically as this sounds, the light bulb just went off for me the other day.  Over this next week, I will a) Review my life plan- what have I accomplished so far?  What do I still want to accomplish?  What are my goals? How will these goals improve my life and my son’s life?  b) Revise the life plan- are there any new things I want to do or another direction that I would like to go in with my career? Steps to pursue this venture.  People that I need to connect with.  Plan that I need to develop to make it work .  c) Repeat – give yourself a deadline or time frame to complete certain task.  Come back and repeat the process in 3 months.  This will allow me, you, us….the opportunity to escape from the feeling of being “stuck” in an unwanted situation.

imagesPurpose is definitely real but who says that there is only one road that leads to a person fulfilling their purpose.  I believe that I have gotten so caught in the humdrum of how society operates that I stopped looking out for my success.  What????? Yes, you heard right…..took a back seat.  The really bad part is….so many of us do.  Identify your purpose, know your worth, review your goals and began the steps listed above.  Life is meant to be lived so lets live it fulfilling our purpose and “loving” it!!!!


Emotional Baggage

I know this may be a weird first topic for my blog but this topic “popped ” in my head.  How many of us are carrying around a ton of “emotional baggage”?  I believe this can be accurately answered by first acknowledging what it is.  My personal definition contains two parts.  Emotional Baggage can be the act of holding on to past hurts, traumas, disappointments, and distress in present daily living because it seems that it never disappears and the second part is the refusal to let go of these things because it has become a normal part of life.

My therapeutic mind will tell you to journal and talk with someone.  Although those things are very effective, they may not be the key to letting go of this “heavy load”.  So I am speaking to you as I speak to myself.  We need to ask ourselves, “what are the pros and the cons”? “how can feeling like this help or hinder my goals”? “how are my feelings affecting those close to me”? I promise you that these questions shed a whole new light on our feelings and the way that we see things.  I was a little blown away as I stated that just now, lol,  I must admit those are some powerful questions.  As I end my rant,  I want you to visualize this…. A dumpster can only hold so much garbage before it has to be emptied.  This goes for human beings, we only can “carry ” so much “baggage” before we “tip” over from being too full.