HOPE….for the future????

Yesterday I was in the car with my son and we were talking about different songs and artists, I decided to let him hear my uncle,( his great uncle) sing.  As I listened to my uncle sing, it caused me to reflect on things that I have been said to me about wasting talent and using the talent that God has given to me.  Usually when I hear this, they are talking about singing in my church choir but I was able to mentally apply it to other talents that I have.  Why waste talent?  Why waste the natural gift that we have been given to enhance our lives and the lives of others? Everyone is talented in different areas and it is one of the things that make individuals unique.

When I am completing any assessment for my clients and/or families there is a section that asks about strengths and capabilities.  Why do you think that is?  It is not just a random question, there is a valid reason for asking a potential client what they feel their strengths are.  One reason is to be able to identify the good things about yourself,  identify the positive things that make you who you are .  Another reason is that the therapist or whatever type of clinician can utilize a person’s strengths to help them reach their goals.

authentic-leadership-focusing-on-strengths-and-solutions-22-638 Think of the last time that you went on a job interview,  the interviewer is known to ask “what your strengths are” or ” what are some of your qualities that others notice about you”.  Both of those questions are centered around the talents, abilities, or strengths of an individual.   I woke up this morning thinking about this topic and writing this post today.  This topic just blows my mind because we are our own worst critics.  We are so critical of ourselves that it causes us to turn a “blind eye” to our capabilities and we in turn, “sell ourselves short”.  I’m not saying that we are all meant to be rich with big houses and a lot of cars, but we are meant to be successful in our own definitions of success.

**************** Lets take a moment and reflect….What does success mean to you?***************************  

 To add to the meaning of this post my son used the word “talented” several times when describing his family today during an activity, creating an urgency for my to post these thoughts. talentsI am able to recognize my talents and although I do have a talent for singing, I am talking about other talents that contribute to who I am as an individual.  This acknowledgment brings me HOPE.  yes HOPE!!!! I’ve always had the idea that I have not reached my full potential and that I am not in my final season of my aspirations but daily I am shown things that contribute to my success.  I am shown things that gives me the HOPE that I have been “searching” for to validate my suspicions that there is a brighter future for my son and myself.  God does things in HIS time, I understand that.  I also understand that HE provides new opportunities when HE feels we are ready. I feel like I am being GROOMED and PREPARED for the things that I have been working so hard for.  The things that I have been hoping and dreaming for. I feel that sometimes we have to conquer adversity to gain access to our success.  How can you appreciate success if you have never experienced any type of disappointments or hardships.   Does this sound generic?  I realize that it might but regardless of how it seems I am very SERIOUS.  Don’t allow the dreams and aspirations that you have for yourself take a back seat in your mind,  continue to pray and water those dreams so that they can grow into goals while you provide plans and blueprints on how to reach them. hopegreatness

This has given me a new outlook on negative situations.  I used to get mad when people say “its going to get better” because realistically they are right but when you are in a bad situation, an individual does not really want to hear about futuristic peace….we want peace right now!!!!

The phrase “HOPE FOR THE FUTURE”, is true.  We have to have HOPE that we can do things.  I always tell my clients that NOTHING is impossible.  If there is something that you want, you try to get it.  There are many things that I want and I am still trying to get .  Just because things are not impossible doesn’t mean that it is going to just drop in your lap.  We still have to work for what we want. Do you feel that you are being “groomed” or prepared for great things.  What is your meaning of success?  Have you reached it?

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