So today I went to a luncheon to discuss a program that I have been interested in for a while.  They hosted a free luncheon to connect with other professionals and learn more about the program.  I must say, it was great!!!! Not the food but the message that was delivered.  The speaker or host continued to emphasize the importance of following her inner self or your heart, being true to yourself and know what you want for yourself. Quotation-Bo-Bennett-life-realization-Meetville-Quotes-75079 HELLO!!!!! Was that confirmation or what???? I have been battling defining my purpose and identifying what I want for myself for the past few weeks.  While I was there, I met a few people with a common interest but it was one person in particular that I connected with.  You know, it made me reflect on my knowing that God will send someone to you toepiphany2 “communicate” what he has for you.  Im not saying that this program in particular is what is meant for me but I do know that I was able to connect with the host and the words that came from him and from others were on target.

Currently, the latest trend is staying afloat and working to provide for families. Which is what responsible adults are supposed to do.  What about the benefits of higher education or reaching a personal goal to bettering yourself?  Shouldn’t we be able to indulge in the pleasantries of success?  I reflected on the success of some individuals animages (1)d realized that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to have what we want.  It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to pursue your dreams.  It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to act upon a vision.  I believe that the key is to continue to have the same drive and motivation in pursuing your career or life choices and you had when you were going through post secondary educational training.

This experience led me to write this post.  Let this be an inspiration to you to follow your purpose.  I have written previously about how to acknowledge your purpose and re-evaluating your life plan.  This confirms my previous thoughts.  It is so vital that we keep our perspective on what we want and what we feel will aid to our life and those that we care about. What are you personal goals and what do you think is holding you back?  Have you gotten your confirmation?



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