Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited

This topic really peaked my interest but I am still trying to figure out why.  My childhood was not bad but I wouldn’t say it was good either. I had the parents, the loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all of that but I believe the outside looked better than the inside.  When I was younger, I felt as most children do, like I didnt have a voice.  I used my “voice” to journal or write poetry.  This is where I found my niche.  The more frustrated, I became, the better writing I did.  In my household, there were certain things that you could not discuss with your parents.  Did I want my parents to be my friend? NO but I think some discussions were needed.  There are several things that I wish was different about my childhood but instead of focusing on them, I want to focus on the things that I appreciated.

I am the oldest and although I did not like it growing up, I appreciate it now because I am very independent. Being the oldest I learned how to do a lot of things at an early age, household chores, using tools, taking care of siblings, cooking etc.., I have always been observant and I noticed a lot of things.  I can honestly say a lot of things that I have noticed as a child assisted me in learning what NOT to do when I got older.  I do appreciate the work ethic that my parents instilled in me.  I was trying to get a job at a very early age.  My grandmother used to take me to work with her at seasonal jobs so that I could make my own money, I babysat for the neighborhood kids, and I did little jobs here and there for a few dollars.  I liked being able to buy my own things for myself.  I liked being able to buy something for my parents or my siblings if I wanted.  It made me feel responsible.  Being the oldest, I did not get a lot of the attention that I wanted all the time.  This encouraged me to be an overachiever.  I tried extra hard in school to get good grades so I can be noticed. I also joined the choir and the band to get positive attention. I can appreciate that because I still strive to be my best and if I am in a position where I feel like I cannot be my best all the time then I must move on and find another way.

I do have a son and I feel like I am providing the best life that I can for him.  I am not his friend but he can come and talk to me about anything.  He knows right from wrong and he understands what it means to be respectful.  I have not had any behavior problems out of him in school because we have had that discussion about what I expect.  He too tries very hard in school because he likes positive recognition.  I teach him to be responsible and clean up after himself but at the same time I encourage him to be a kid.  I want him to live his life to the fullest.  I try to continue to model the importance of spirituality, family, education and hard work so that those are some values that he will continue to grow with.

I’m sure there is something that everyone wish that they can go back  and change but we cant.  What is really important is that we are able to look at our past experiences and create a better future.  The future is for looking forward not backward.  I could have filled this post with TONS of war stories lol but I dare not do that to anyone!!!!  What about your childhood and  how it has affected you?  How has it affected your children or even the lives of your family?  Let me hear it!!!


3 thoughts on ““Childhood Revisited”

  1. I commend you for staying positive about your childhood, as it seems so easy to find and focus on all of the flaws. I know – I have been there. With mindfulness and reflection, I am now able to remember my childhood with compassion, both for myself AND my parents. They did the best they could. When I reminisce about growing up, I think of one of my favorite Kahlil Gibran quotes: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” It reminds me that even the pain has a purpose.


    1. Thank you for your feedback. My purpose in focusing on the positivity is to display that there is a light in every situation. The quote is awesome . Thanks so much to sharing .


  2. I agree that everyone’s childhood came with good and bad memories. You must decide early on if you will allow your situation to make you or break you.


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