Thumbball Anyone?

So today while in a session with a client, I decided to bring a non traditional activity to do.  x8aw102_01_1 Its called a Thumbball….I swear I did not make that up, it is really called that.  Anyway they sell several different types of Thumbballs, they are used in a therapeutic or group setting to assist the client and or participants to open up and share some things about themselves.  It can be used as a relationship builder.  I like to use it to “break the ice” or to encourage my clients to be more open and refrain from “shutting down” emotionally.  So the concept is you toss the ball to the other person and when they catch it what ever area that their thumb lands on, they are to address that topic….These interventions, I tell you.  Im the therapist in the room and this thing had me in deep thought.


Some of the topics on my ball is “Cool Gift”. :Happiest Memory”, “Favorite Breakfast”, ” 3 Gross Foods”, “a lunch I like”, “great vacation place”, “animal you’d like to touch”, “describe your family”,”funniest cartoon”,”best pet to own”,”cool musician or song”,”favorite toy or game”,”best snacks”,in the summer I_________”, and “something you can draw”. There were more but I am tired of listing them lol.  I have an idea, in the comment section choose at least two items and talk about it in the comment section.  These questions cause you to think although they are simple “get to know you ” type of questions.  Once you comment on two items take a moment to share the thoughts that accompanied your answers.  Simple questions can cause some deep thought and reflection.  Let me know what you think about it.


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