Motivation-Do we really understand the concept?

motivation     What exactly motivates you?  You know we go to interviews and we provide these “rehearsed” replies to being motivated and being a people person blah blah blah…..I am asking a REAL question seeking a REAL answer  How can we truly have what we want if we can’t be honest with ourselves?  This revelation came to mind this morning as I turned to leave out of my room and caught a glimpse of my motivation board

20150611_081444-1 I created this poster board at my previous job while working with a client to overcome drug usage and plan for a positive future.  When I look at this board, it truly has the things that I want but I can’t say it “motivates” me.  This is more of a “vision” board.  These are things that I hope to achieve.  I am now going to create a true motivation board over the weekend.  I know one thing that motivates me is the desire to feel “happy”, “content”, a complete sense of “satisfaction”.  Motivation is a powerful concept and can be the reason that some people continue to strive daily for the life that they believe they deserve to have.  Would that describe you?  I’m definitely interested in feedback!!!



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