Emotional Baggage

I know this may be a weird first topic for my blog but this topic “popped ” in my head.  How many of us are carrying around a ton of “emotional baggage”?  I believe this can be accurately answered by first acknowledging what it is.  My personal definition contains two parts.  Emotional Baggage can be the act of holding on to past hurts, traumas, disappointments, and distress in present daily living because it seems that it never disappears and the second part is the refusal to let go of these things because it has become a normal part of life.

My therapeutic mind will tell you to journal and talk with someone.  Although those things are very effective, they may not be the key to letting go of this “heavy load”.  So I am speaking to you as I speak to myself.  We need to ask ourselves, “what are the pros and the cons”? “how can feeling like this help or hinder my goals”? “how are my feelings affecting those close to me”? I promise you that these questions shed a whole new light on our feelings and the way that we see things.  I was a little blown away as I stated that just now, lol,  I must admit those are some powerful questions.  As I end my rant,  I want you to visualize this…. A dumpster can only hold so much garbage before it has to be emptied.  This goes for human beings, we only can “carry ” so much “baggage” before we “tip” over from being too full.


3 thoughts on “Emotional Baggage

  1. I once had a brother tell me to stay away from my home in New Orleans, La. because I had too much excess baggage. The truth is, the statement hurt like crazy, but it was when I turned and made a difference in my life. Turned out my baggage was simply scars of life and burdens I knew God had given me to carry. I provd my strength, value and worth but my brother lost a lot of his credence and integrity in my eyes and in the eyes of all who know what he had done to me.


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